Official Description:

Queer Union is NYU’s largest student organization providing social, cultural, and political opportunities for members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender communities. Advocating with a focus on all students, we aim to increase awareness, build alliances, and actualize positive change.

Queer Union’s positions/actions are not a reflection of the views of the LGBTQStudent Center. The Center graciously provides us with space, but is otherwise not affiliated with Queer Union. For more info about LGBTQ student life at NYU, check out the guide on our tumblr (http://queerunion-nyu.tumblr.com/anatomy) or the Center’s official page (www.nyu.edu/lgbt).

But Actually:

We’re a gaggle of queer student activists at NYU. We want radical change, and we’re pursuing it through a “queer” ethic of experimentation, imagination, subversion, and care.

The ArQUive:

The ArQUive is a blog dedicated to establishing Queer Union’s positions, ideas, viewpoints, and objectives.  This is a resource for newcomers to learn more about Queer Union, as well as a resource for older members to develop a stronger infrastructure for our organization.


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